Leopard 10.5.2

Anyone have experience updating to 10.5.2 from 10.5.1:

  1. Generally
  2. For its effect on Scrivener (if any)



  1. It’s good.
  2. No problems. Scrivener works as well as it used to. I doubt the people experiencing Text system slowdown on G4s will get any relief, though…

I updated last night, everything has been okay, the Linotype FontExplorerX bug wasn’t a problem for me because it only made some programs and the dock hang when it is opened and I didn’t have to open it.

And now, after just half a day, Linotype released a bug fix. Now that is really fast!

I’m a brave guy to update just the night before a deadline.

I typed for hours this morning, finished my text and sent it to the editor. Normally after finishing a piece of work, I would switch off the Mac and do anything that does not involve sitting in front of a screen. Luckily, I didn’t this time because I wanted to check out the changes in 10.5.2.

Meanwhile the editor sent a mail and asked for two minor changes on the texts which I did. I re-sent the texts and after a while another mail from the editor arrived. He was not able to open the second doc file.

It took me a moment to find out what happened, it looks like Apple Mail is misbehaving.

I compile my draft in Scrivener as .doc, it appears on the Desktop as .doc.
I add it via the add button and “send attachments Windows compatible” box checked to the mail. In the mail you see the .doc file. I could even save it as a draft and it stays a .doc file.

But after I have sent it I have a .doc0 file. The editor on his Windows machine sees it as docc.

Drag & drop without any Windows compatibility box preserves the doc ending. At least on my computer. Haven’t heard anything from the editor.

Told him to just rename the file type. The worst thing that could happen would be that he still will not be able to open it. He is obviously not a tech guy.

But with Scrivener, no problems whatsoever.

PS: The preview of this posting in Safari now gets opened in another tab???
PPS: No, not anymore.

Maybe the new mail is thinking of the new .doc format

I have upgraded to 10.5.2. and Leopard Graphic Update 1.0 (need 10.5.2. Run Software Update again after installing 10.5.2)

Seems smoother and more stable. I like the ability to turn off or on the Transparency File menu, the Drop down menus are about solid now, the Stacks are customizable for list view now for those that hated stacks.

Many many many bug fixes, haven’t fully tested everything.

Webkit is smoking fast so Safari 3.1 when it releases soon will be super HOT!

So far nothing but relief here.

I tried it with rtf too.

After sending it became rtf0 on my machine and, as I was told just a moment ago, rtffs on the editor’s Windows machine.

Weird and very annoying if you have to check every file ending AFTER sending an attachement.

I just zip a file (create archive) and no problems whether it is a Mac user or Windows user, Unix, etc

unzip utilities are a dime a dozen and speed up transfer speeds…

I send Mac MS Office files to Windows users all the time without checking the “compatibility” checkbox. Just attach and go. Like you, I’ve had more issues “with” the feature than “without”. I stopped using the feature back in Tiger when Windows Office users complained they couldn’t read attachments.

Wow, is this update week or what? In addition to the Leopard update (which I ran and all seems fine), there was a graphic update (needs 10.5.2), then an iLife '08 update, AND a Microsoft Office '04 update.

Plus the Security Update for Tiger…

Not to mention the release of Aperture 2 - for just more than half the price of the old Aperture.

Yep, 's been a good week for Apple software, methinks.

I’ve updated too and I’m very pleased so far. Nothing is broken, including Scriv, and my Blackbook actually seems to be running faster - or at least the screen redraws are faster thanks to the graphics driver update.

The list view for stacks is great. I’ve got my home folder in the dock (left-hand side of the screen) and with list view I can access any file in seconds; it feels so productive!

Been a good week in Apple-land! :smiley:

Except for the fact that the combination of 10.5.2, graphic update, Macbook Pro and external display running in “clamshell” (lid closed) mode doesn’t work. You’re either stuck with the display at MBP screen res, or an endless cycle of failure to wake from sleep…

I haven’t found a workround yet, but it seems a common problem. With luck Apple will have a patch out soon.

Pip pip!

scrivener seems a bit faster if anything, safari seems slower though

Safari is going to 3.1 soon as soon as WEBKIT is stable.

If you want to see the new speeds of “safari” and run the “beta” you can download it here


I will tell you the new build of webkit (safari) is blinding fast compared to the stable Safari (3.0.4 retail)
Download it and give it a whirl you will be excited. :slight_smile: