I am running Snow Leopard on my desktop computer, and using Scrivener 2.1 very happily. However, I’m also going to have to use my laptop for a while, and it is old and can’t run Snow Leopard. It’s running the last Leopard update (10.5.8 ). So I have a ton of questions :confused:

Can I use 2.1 there?

If not, which version do I need? (I still have the earlier versions.)
Can I use it under the same license or do I have to buy it again?
Will I be able to sync between the two, or only from the early version to the later?



Yes, Scrivener 2.1 runs on Leopard too (and on Tiger for that matter). So, you can use the same version on both machines. One licence covers you for personal use across several computers, so you can use the same licence and serial number on both machines. You will be able to open the same project on both machines, too.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Cool on all counts :smiley:
Thanks for the prompt reply!!