Lester Dent Plot Formula template

I was recently reading an ebook I’d bought from smashwords some time back that basically talked about the Lester Dent Plot formula for writing a story/novel and thought it would make an interesting template for Scrivener. The result is in the zip file below. I hope someone may find it of interest/use.
Lester Dent Plot Formula.zip (18.3 KB)

Thank you. That looks interesting. I have a different way of revising in scrivener but I will try those four sections and those questions!

You’re welcome. I hope you find it of some use. I’m sure there are probably as many templates as there are users of Scrivener, but I figured that the Lester Dent formula for writing might work very well as a template. I’m already working on a story idea based on the questions but I can see how it might easily work to help on editing an already existing story as well. Please let me know how it works for you. :slight_smile: