Let me qualify that

Finding this made me feel ancient and quite out of the loop:


As my (senior) business partner used to say at our monthly meetings:
“Don’t tell me how hard you’ve worked, just tell me what you’ve achieved.”

Well I’m not surprised! :open_mouth: They’re obviously a bunch of pervs, and you are a respected elder member of the Scrivenerati. Just have a care when you’re trawling t’internet. There are all kinds of abominations out there.
Don’t f’get, take care!
PS I’ve got a blinding headache after only five minutes on that site. :frowning:

I looked up the next London branch meeting: the first topic was Self-experimentation' which sounded nicely late 1960's and fairly familiar fun (if memory serves ...); but then the second was Behaviour Monitoring’ which just sounded altogether too much like 2014.

…and beyond :open_mouth:

It starts with tracking your word count…

NSA public test bed