Letter bug[BUG LOGGED]

I thought there was no accented uppercase in French, as I saw the E without.
But now, I see that the À in the beginning of a line IS accented.

I know I’m used to no longer write the uppercase at the beginning of a line, when this function is available. It is in Scrivener. And I use the “AltGr” key to put an accent on uppercase letters.
The “E” in the middle of the line is thus written with two keys, whereas the “A” at the beginning of the line is a former “à”, automatically changed into uppercase by Scrivener.

So why does it work at the beginning of the line, and not inside ?
The problem seems to be only with the “E”, but I did not check any other letters, nor other accents.
I’ve made a screenshot of this testing.

Btw, I haven’t stopped using it since it is installed (almost all day long). I have created several projects and tried out some minor features to familiarise myself with the basic structure.

Up to now, only two little bugs inside a big wonderland. It’s simply great !

Merci beaucoup pour le grand détail, reflétez et le feed-back positif.


More detail on this :

(Key combinations)

Some of the most usual key combinations under Windows do work sometimes, and sometimes not.
When starting with Scrivener, I believed that “Alt+Backspace” for “undo” was not available, as it did not work, and I began using “Ctrl+Z”.
But my fingers are still used to “alt-backspace” : I only forgot to use “ctrl+z” and suddenly, alt+backspace DID work…

As I encounter several other problems with key combinations — only in Scrivener, and nowhere else — I cannot do more than collecting everything and report it.

I cannot understand how it could be possible that my keyboard is far less sensitive in Scrivener than in other software.

All the “accent problems” I had until now do not seem to be related to rendering on the screen, but to keyboard sensitivity.
Sometimes it goes that far, that I open notepad to type the letters and copy them into Scrivener.