Letter Tracking with a Word Starting with Uppercase F

I am using Arial, 12pt… Every word that starts with an uppercase letter “F” has an ugly gap between it and whatever letter that follows it. In desktop publishing this could be corrected using tracking. is there any way to eliminate this in Scrivener?

Thanks in advance.

Could you post a screenshot? I just tested it and I don’t see a problem. But I’m still on 1.9.7; and my perceptions may not be sensitive enough for this.

In any case, though, Scrivener is not a desktop publishing program, and AFAIK isn’t meant to be. Its final product, after all, is still called “Draft.” I see Scrivener as more of an organizing and drafting tool, with polished output to be achieved in a word processor or DTP program with more fine-grained control over appearance.

I’m sure it’s little comfort but I don’t see this issue using v. 19.7.0. and Windows 7.