Letterbox "Text Smear?"

Full screen mode, when I scroll up or down the “top” and the bottom" of the edge of the “letterbox” becomes one solid line of color (same as text). All the text is clear just the top and bottom of the letterbox now have a 1 pixel solid line of color (text color).

Maybe an artifact of the Apple Text Smear Bug? Dunno. Can submitt screen shots if needed.

Sure, show a screenshot, but this sounds like the text engine’s smear to me.

Here is a screen shot.

(yes I loved the old orange look of Gold, lol)

I’m getting the same thing on mine.

This is a known bug in the Apple OS X text system, I’m afraid (I’ve been able to reproduce it in TextEdit). I’ve tried a lot of work arounds such as forcing display at certain times, but nothing has worked and the fix will have to come from Apple. Letterbox mode has gone from 2.0 anyway, as it was really more of an experiment (gimmick!). In all other modes, if the smear occurs, you can just resize the writing area to fix it, but obviously this isn’t possible in Letterbox mode.
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