Levels in "Compile"

I would like to learn how LEVELS works in “Compile” form.
Is there a tutorial or a little explain?
The manual is too difficult…
Thank you.

Search the Internet in general for articles, and YouTube in particular for tutorial videos, searching on “Scrivener compile”.

Search Amazon or other vendors for third party books that cover Scrivener, searching on “Scrivener”.

Search the Internet for online courses, searching on “Scrivener course” or “Scrivener training”.

And can always search these forums on “compile”. Admittedly, you’ll wind up having to skim through a lot of search results.

Hope that is of some assistance.

Very good.
Thank you.

I’d like to ask if you’ve worked your way through the interactive tutorial yet? It’s been a while since I’ve done it myself, but I believe it explained the different levels during the compile process.