[LH#3415] ToC generation is apparently buggy.

I posted this as a question in the normal Windows forum, but have been informed it might be a bug. This is on the newest beta:

When I compile to an epub, the epub creates a ToC, and literally every entry in it is named the title of the entire work. Identical names. If the work is named ‘Test’, every entry in the generated ToC is named ‘Test’. If I rename the project to Test2, now every link is named ‘Test2’. It’s that in both the internal ToC, and the HTML ToC if I generate that.

The only way I can make it use the actual names is assigning those sections ‘as-is’, which is obviously rather stupid to have to do. I’ve looked a dozen times in the in the ‘Edit Format’ screen to try to figure this out (It doesn’t help ‘as-is’ is not a real format so can’t be copied or looked at), but I recently realized the default formats shouldn’t be doing this absurdity, so this isn’t me screwing something up.

And as far as I can imagine, for this to be something I did, I’d have to have put in the $projectname substitution somewhere, because the name does change when the project name does, so I didn’t just absent-mindedly written the project name somewhere. I cannot find anywhere that I could have possibly done so, especially when I use the built-in formats and so my configuration options are limited to the six config ‘tabs’ in the right side of the main compile window.

So what is going on?

The compiler is under development and is most probably buggy. We have adjusted the eBook compile in the next release. Give it a spin with the new Beta when it comes out and please let us know how it works for you.

As tiho says, the compiler is still buggy on Beta 12.

I’ve had this exact same scenario happen to me, where the TOC is a bunch of entries named for the work. You’re not alone.

It didn’t change anything, it still thinks every chapter should be named the title of the work.

Although I did notice the dialog box changes, along with an option to open the end result in the default app.

This has been fixed and will be available with the next update.

Noticed that, too; really helpful. I compile to docx and it opened LibreOffice Writer right up for me. Before, I had to use a file manager to search for where I saved the output.

FYI: BETA14: This has been fixed in ePub3 but not ePub2 unfortunately.