[LH#3416] Beta 13: Some problems with Zoom persist

Some problems connected with preserving Zoom between sessions have been already solved, so all works as expected in Composition Mode. However, at least two minor bugs seem to persist in Beta 13.

Case 1: A file is selected in Binder (in Document mode).
If I set Zoom to some standard value from the list (125%, or 150%, or 175%, etc.) and exit Scrivener, the next time Scrivener opens the same file at the same zoom—exactly as expected. However, if I set Zoom value manually, typying in «Other…» field (say, 133%), the Zoom setting itself is preserved all right at the next session, but the Zoom value at the bottom of the window shows «100%», not the real figure.

Case 2: A folder is selected in Binder (in Document mode).
If I set Zoom to 150%, while Zoom for a file has been set to 175%, the next opening gives me the correct Zoom for the folder (on condition that cursor was not in a sub-document on closure) and correct figure displayed, but when I move to a sub-document, the real Zoom changes to 100% while displayed figure stay the same (150%).

Hope this will be eventually iron out by the next beta release.

In Project A, zoom is set to 150%. On opening the document, the zoom value has been preserved, but the preserved value is ignored, and the text is shown at 100% zoom.

Cannot repeat that, if zoom 150% is set for a file (not for a folder in Scrivening Mode), I got 150% zoom on opening (that is preserved all right) and the value shawn on the bottom of the window is (correctly) 150%, not 100%.

Thank you for the detailed description of the cases, biblioman. I have filed it in our bug tracking system, but cannot promise it will be fixed in the next release.