[LH#3425] [Beta 13]: Changing folder icon in Binder puts a png. file of that icon on my D: drive

Laptop (all windows 10 updates) with a 500 GB SSD drive. The drive is partitioned into a C: and D: drive.

Scrivener is installed on C. Nothing involving Scrivener is stored on D, That partition only contains my Steam Library.

I have noticed for awhile that there has been a small .png file called “icon.png” in the root of the D drive, but never checked properly what that image looked like. Today I checked and it looked like the ‘Green Notebook’ icon that Scrivener uses.

I knew one of my projects uses that icon, so…

  1. I open Scrivener and load that project.

  2. I tab out to Windows Explorer and delete the icon.png file

  3. Tab back to Scrivener and back to Explorer again.

  4. The icon.png file is back.

  5. In Scrivener I change another folder icon to ‘Magnifying Glass’.

  6. I tab out to Explorer and the icon.png file has now changed to the ‘Magnifying Glass’ icon.

The only way to really get rid of that icon.png file on the D partition was to use ‘Reset icon to Default’ on all the icons in the project (icons that previously had been changed from default)

I open up another project and same thing there. If any of the icons in the binder were not using their default image, an “icon.png” file would be stored on my D partition.

Why is Scrivener storing this icon on my hard drive? And why on the D partition? It did this while using Beta 12 as well, I just didnt get around to investigate until now on Beta 13.

Did another test:

I shut down Scrivener.

In Windows Explorer I deleted the “icon.png” file from my drive.

Started Scrivener again and the Start Panel shows. (I have ‘Reopen projects that were open on quit’ unticked and ‘Show start panel when there are no projects open’ ticked in Options)

I open up a new blank project in a small window so I can see Windows Explorer in the background.

I create a new folder under ‘Draft’ in the Binder.

So far, no “icon.png” file has appeared in Explorer.

I select the folder, right-click and move the mouse pointer to ‘Change icon’.

At the same moment as the menu expands showing the list of icons, I see how the “icon.png” file appears on my D drive in Windows Explorer.

I do not select any of the alternative icons from the list, but instead click into Windows Explorer and select the newly created file. It shows the icon of the yellow triangle with exclamation mark, called ‘Warning’ in Scrivener.

I have now been able to check if this weird behavior happens on my desktop computer as well. As far as I can see, it does not (I don’t have a D: drive on this pc, though). There is no trace of an icon.png file being created on any of the drives on that pc when I use Scrivener with non-default icons in the binder. So this seems to be only affecting my laptop.

Does anyone have an idea of what could possibly cause this to happen? That whenever I open a project that contains non-default icons in the binder/or just let the mouse pointer open up the menu ‘Change Icon’), an “icon.png” file will be created in the root directory of my D: partition. Also, if I create my own image file, name it “icon.png” and puts it in that directory, it will be deleted and replaced by Scriveners “icon.png” file after opening Scrivener.

Hi Negasonic, I just read your post. I can confirm that Scrivener creates the icon.png file inside the root D drive. This is a bug left behind from some old icon testing, which has never been spotted previously. Sorry about that. This has been fixed and the fix will be available in the next Beta update.

Wow, great! So, it only happens if you have a D: drive then. Good thing I had one, so it could be spotted :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Yes, Indeed.

I had one on my normal H: (portable HD), but I think it was a D drive at one point, and I just didn’t notice.