[LH#3426] Compiling to MultiMarkdown broken in beta 13

In beta 12, headers were exported as:

Chapter 1

Section 1

and so on.

In beta 13, headers are exported as:

<$mmdhn> Chapter 1 <$mmdhn>
<$mmdhn> Section 1 <$mmdhn>

In beta 13, footnotes are also not correctly exported. [^fn1] tags are not generated at all. Instead of that, just a * character is placed into a .mmd file.

That’s how the export looks:

Footnote: *

I have the same problem. Footnotes don’t get properly exported in MMD.

Still broken in beta 14.

Sorry that we have broken this in Beta 13. Refactoring the auto-number placeholders to handle all the different placeholders types, has broken the MMD hashes. I have filed this and will do our best to fix it in the next release.

Is it possible to make beta 12 available for us to use? The MMD export bug is a big workflow disruptor…