[LH#3428] Beta 14: Bug in Compile section separators

I have a section layout “Text Section”
I am trying to place three asterisks between each Text Section, should be easy.
I set “Separator between sections” to “Custom” in the Compile -> Separators -> Text Section pane, type “* * *” (no quotes), hit save.

Open up the format again, “Separator between sections” is still set to “Custom” but the entry is blank.
Doesn’t mater what test I enter for the “Separator between sections,” it’s not there after I save and reopen the format.
Compiler output doesn’t even put a blank line between Text Sections (in word or RTF)

Oddly, the “Blank Line separator” works fine for transforming in-section blank lines into “* * ".
“Override Separator after” also saves "
* *” without an issue.

So I look in the .scrformat file and find “” – that dopesn’t seem right.
Change it, with Notepad, to “”
Wa-la, “Separator between sections” is now Custom->"* * "
Compile to Word: it works. It’s even centered like it should be (unlike the blank-line-replacing "
* *"

Clearly there is a bug is saving the value for custom Separator between sections.

Update: Closed the Scrivener, re-opened it, changed some Header/Footer options, and it’s borked again.
Without me telling it to, Scrivener set it back to “” in the scrformat file.

Hi pcgeekesq, you have found a bug. Scrivener Beta 14 is saving the Custom Separator Before text in both Before and Between custom section values. Sorry about that. I have filed it and it will be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately manually adjusting the value with an external editor inside the file is the only workaround at the moment, unless you are happy with the same custom separator as before and between sections.