[LH#3470] Misspelled substitution keys might not be substituted properly but auto-corrected

Create substitution for "im " to "I’m ". Apply. OK.

Test. Typed “im im” into document. Scriv capitalizes the first letter of the entry, but does not insert the apostrophe.

Tested again with “hasnt” to “hasn’t”. apply and ok. Does nothing.

Evidently Scrivener doesn’t like apostrophized substitutions?

Testing this with “im” > “I’m” and “hasn’t” > “hasn’t” works fine in my tests and the text is properly replaced including the apostrophes. Can you please do some more testing and provide more info and/or screenshots that will help us reproduce this issue.

It doesn’t work consistently.


If I have “correct spelling as you type” switched on, it will switch the “im” to “Mi” and not correct to “I’m.”

Sometimes it does not make a correction unless I type a return; sometimes it does not correct even when I do.

Thanks rwfranz!. The auto-correction takes place before the replacement which “fixes” the assumingly wrong “im” with the “Mi”
This has been fixed and will be available with the next update.