[LH#3498] correct spelling as you type not working

Hello! I updated to Version: Beta (505019) 64-bit (win10) and since then the ‘correct spelling as you type’ option has stopped working. I have unchecked and rechecked this setting, restarted the program with said box both checked and unchecked and, of course, restarted my computer but to no avail. Is there anything I can do? I particularly liked this setting as it made writing easier for me.
Thank you!

Win10 x64 B2.9.0.15

I have the same problem.

Do you have the Check Spelling as you type checked as well? They both need to be checked.

Not sure what else could be wrong as it works for me. Is there something else, like using full screen mode, or in notes not articles or something else?

Yup, Spell check is clicked and it doesn’t work in both modes. I loved the function and always made sure it worked.

Sorry guys, we have introduced a bug here with the latest release. This has been already fixed and the fix will be available in the next update.

Hi guys, any chance this could be put into a build earlier than may? I know it’s beta, but I have been using for prod work for a good 12 months now, and rely HEAVLY on auto-correct! :slight_smile:

Or, is there a way to downgrade to the version where it was working?


A new build with hot fixes will be available within a week.

awesome. thanks!

sorry to pester again, but any chance we could still get the build this week? I’ve been off my book now as writing without auto correct is driving me batty :confused:

Take that as a compliment please that I’ve not been impacted during the beta for close to a year. Except now.

It will be this week :wink:

yay, i can work now!

Thanks guys. Love your work. Hurry up and finish the release so i can pay you guys!

I’ve got the mac version as well, but much prefer working off the windows version. Also, is it me or others, but I really like the windows dark theme over the mac one.

Enjoy, anja.zamari and Thank You for the kind words!