[LH 3597 | LH3598] Scrivener crashes when using tables With image inserted & Table Bug

I’ve recently been using tables to format image and text placement as wrapping text around images in scrivener isn’t supported (and from what i gather wont be) However, when i have a merged table cell and try to add an additional row, scrivener crashes or spreads the table out over what would be several pages.

Interestingly, CTRL & Z seems to fix the spacing issue, and if scrivener crashes, sometimes when it is reloaded the additional rows are there and displaying correctly.

I’ve not been able to verify whether this was a stand alone issue, but tables in general seem to be a bit buggy. -

Table border bug

While using tables i also noted the following bug. Sometimes when loading a document with the borders hidden. Increasing the border size from 0 to 1 does not make the border appear, But going in and out of border colour once size is set to 1 does make it appear.

Thank you! These have been filed.

I told them also about it.

And other thing: I closed/saved the file with blank background color, The next day, the table background was gray again. :laughing: