[LH1228] Small caps still really, really small

This has been reported before, but I just wanted to double-check that Sisyphus and the team still have it on their “to-do” list.

Formatting text as “small caps” produces this:

That’s a bit too small, imho.

Yes, this is still in our system.

Thanks. If it’s a waste of your time to re-report bugs that were first noted months ago, please say so. I just wanted to make sure that things like this didn’t get forgotten in the final weeks of developing. Good luck getting it all done.

If the bug thread has an issue number attached, and that issue number doesn’t show up as resolved in any of the release notes, then that is a sign it is still open and being tracked. Mind you, that is not a guarantee that any given bug will make the cut to be resolved before the official release – it may need to be triaged to be fixed in a post-release update – but that’s your sign that the bug is still actively being tracked.