[LH1228] small caps too small, still

So I encountered in a project a problem with small caps.

This project was created in a different version of the Beta. The folder it’s in says Aug 18, which would have been… 2907? Don’t remember.

So, I’m using “No Style.” In this project, “No Style” is DejaVu Serif, 14 points.

When I change a word for emphasis to “Small Caps” the small caps seem to be less than half the height of the lower case characters in the sentence.

There are two problems here:

  1. Small caps is smaller than it should be.

  2. When I try this trick in a different project, created with, and type in the text instead of pasting from another project, this behavior sometimes does not appear. However, if I paste text from the old project into the new one, this behavior is sometimes still present. The “sometimes” in those sentences is another bug.

So why does the same software behave so differently with projects created in different versions of the Beta, as well as those created in the same version of the Beta? Why does this appear sometimes?

Here’s a snip of the screen, so you can see it clearly.

I tried several fonts (Courier New, Georgia, some others), and the problem persists. In a way, this is useful; the small caps items are obvious. But “small caps” are not supposed to be this small. They should be close in height and weight to lowercase characters. I’m pretty sure my other programs show them that way, but Scrivener does not.

And when I say that sometimes this doesn’t appear?

There’s an example. Small caps were perfectly sized. The document was created in, and nothing had been pasted in. I made it 72-point type.

However, I also created a new project, copied a bunch of text from the original project in which I’d had the problem, and in THAT project, the problem did recur. But in the test document where I did NOT see the problem, pasting the same text into the document did NOT cause the problem to recur.

Bug and Bug. And the second one is worse than the first, because a program should always behave the same way with the same command. And this one doesn’t.

Thanks. This has been filed.