[LH151] Beta 14 - Problem with wacom intuos

I use a ‘Wacom intuos S’ as my mouse. It works great with every software except for Scrivener. The clicks are just not registered.

This is a known problem for all programs that work off of QT, like Scrivener does. Are you using your tablet in ‘mouse mode’ or in ‘pen mode’? From what I am able to find it looks like switching to ‘pen mode’ (if you aren’t in it already) may help alleviate the problem

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m in pen mode but switching to mouse mode does work. It’s close to impossible to use like this though.
Other Qt applications work fine. It’s just Scrivener.

I have the same problem with Huion tablet since Beta 13 and 14. Only pen tip click is not recognized. If this is a QT problem, then QT needs to fix it quick. Scrivener is the only app to do this other than Chrome which is a mess with pen tablets.

Just found a solution. It works when I turn off Windows Ink. Not an optimal solution but good enough for now.