[LH1532] Document not opened in editor when selected in outline

For example, open left editor in outline mode, right in scrivenings, both with the same folder selected. Then in Outliner select open in other editor. When you click on documents in Outliner, the right editor doesn’t scroll to the selected document like it does if you select it in the Binder.

From your description, it sounds like you perhaps haven’t switched the appropriate feature on.

A split outliner (or corkboard for that matter) has two selection modes: one in which the other editor or copyholder follows the outline selection, one in which it doesn’t.

If you make sure the footer is on in the outline, you should see a small square with an arrow pointing to the right. If that is selected (i.e. It’s blue), then the right editor will follow clicks in the outline (or cork board). If it’s not selected (not blue), then the two splits are independent. Clicking on the square toggles the behaviour (2 clicks if you’re using a copyholder as well as a second editor). If you’ve done that and it still doesn’t work, then it sounds like it may be a bug.

You can also use the menu item Navigate > Outline Selection Affects > which has three options: None, Other Editor, and Copyholder.

The Mac comes with a couple of layouts to set this up automatically, but I don’t think they’re been implemented in the beta yet.


I already had it enabled. The key here is scrivenings mode.

OK: it was worth checking, as you didn’t mention it in your original post.

But Scrivenings mode is irrelevant here: this feature should work whether the right editor is in Scrivenings mode or not, so it sounds like a bug.

Thanks, this has been filed.

If Outliner Selection Affects > Other Editor is enabled, the selection normally loads in the default view for the second editor, e.g. if its group view mode is corkboard, folders selected in editor A would load on the corkboard in editor B, single text documents would load in text view, etc. Scrivenings is a special case when both editors have the same container loader; then, selections in editor A should scroll the session in editor B to the selected item rather than loading it singly. Windows isn’t doing that at the moment, which is the bug I have noted.

Shaun, if you’re getting yet different behaviour–e.g. the selections in the first editor aren’t loading at all in the second editor, then there may be a different issue here also. Be sure in that case that the second editor isn’t locked. In Scrivenings mode that should still work to scroll in this case, but at present it is preventing the selection from affecting the editor just like in other modes.