[LH1571] Bug: Incorrect display of number lists in Mac-created projects viewed on Windows

I’ve had a look and can’t see that this precise issue has been addressed before (there are references to bullets and numbered lists, but none with this exact behaviour, as far as I can tell). Apologies if I’ve missed it.

(To be clear, though I’m not sure it makes any difference. The Mac is the latest version of Scrivener, the Windows version is b30 and it’s being run in Parallels desktop on Windows 10.).

Problem: A numbered list created in a project on the Mac will display incorrectly when the same project is opened in Windows. The same project will display (partly, but not fully) normally when it’s opened back on the Mac.

To recreate:

Step 1. Write a standard numbered list on the Mac, using the in-built list feature, including subpoints, like so:

Step 2. Close the project and open it on Windows, and you get this:

Points to note:

  1. The first point in the list has gained a spurious new number and the old one converted to text. This only happens to the first point in the list, but it happens to every first point in every list.

  2. The subpoints are there as a list, but the letters have lost their indentation.

Step 3. Close the project and open it up again on the Mac:

Points to note:

  1. The spurious first number is still there, with the addition that the number has changed font (to Arial). Funnily enough, if you open the project back up in Windows, the font of that spurious number hasn’t been changed—it’s still Charter as it should be! ie the two platforms are showing the same number with different fonts.)

  2. The incorrect indent for the subpoints has disappeared – it’s obviously a display problem rather than the file being changed.

One last wrinkle: a quick test shows that the problem doesn’t seem to happen when you initially create the list in Windows and move to the Mac. This applies whether you create a list from scratch, or whether you just delete the errant Mac-created list and reapply the right formatting. I.e. if you apply a list in Windows, it travels back and forth happily between the platforms. If you create a list on the Mac, it gets borked on first opening in Windows.

While the workaround is simple — recreate all your lists — it’s obviously not tenable in the long term.

Sorry if this has already been reported—let me know if there are any tests you want doing.


I’m not sure if these have all been reported on the board, but I’ve found where most of your points are addressed in an internal ticket. You highlight a few wrinkles not described there, so this is good, thanks!

Ah, good – cheers, Ioa.