[LH1719 | LH4195] Automatic numbering bug in Lists

Not sure it has not been mentioned and filed yet—just in case.

I have a list entry with numbering style set. It is expected that after pressing ‘Enter’ a new entry would be created at the new line started from a new number (+1) of the set type. In fact, it only works when there is at least one symbol between cursor and end of paragraph (say, a period, or any letter, or even a single space). But if the cursor stands exactly at the end of the paragraph (which is the most probable and frequent situation), no automatic number is added.

Could you please upload a screenshot to demonstrate the cursor placement you describe?

Thank you.

Here is it, blue rectangle at the end of clause 1. The empty line is the result of pressing ‘Enter’ while cursor is in the described position. If I press ‘Space’ and ‘Left’ and then ‘Enter’, all works as expected.

I believe I may have found where the issue lies, but I want to ask you a clarifying question: Does this occur for you when the lists items have ‘No Style’? Or does this only occur when a style is set for the text?

Yes, it was a correct question. I selected the whole list, and assigned ‘No Style’ to it, after which pressing ‘Enter’ started giving an autonumber as expected.

In the meantime, I have found another serious bug around, which happens for ‘no styled’ list entries as well as for styled ones: if I copy a portion of text from one list entry (NB: even a single word from the middle of a paragraph, with no space around) and paste it in some other list entry, this pasted portion does not just sit in a line, but—invariably—starts a new line (and new entry), which is hardly what I expect. )

I am almost sure the two problems are connected, and, just in case, I cannot find it right that lists only work with unstyled paragraphs, if it is developer’s intention. ))

Just in case, I am attaching a couple of images concerning the problem (the screenshots are from Beta 30).

You copy a word in Clause „c“, then paste it before the last word in Clause „a“:

The pasted word does not become the word before the last in Clause „a“ but starts new Clause (with obviously incorrect numbering). BTW, it makes no difference if you use Shift+Ctrl+V instead of Ctrl+V:

Whoa, that’s not right. I just replicated that by:

  1. Created a new document.
  2. Created five sentences with no formatting. Confirmed they are listed as “No Style.”
  3. Styled the five sentences as a numbered list
  4. Indented the second, third, and fourth sentences.
  5. Styled the three indented paragraphs as lowercase alpha list.
  6. Copied the words “with extra words” from the fourth sentence (no additional formatting)
  7. Pasted at the end of the third sentence.



Thanks. These have both been filed.