[LH178] mobi compile - subsections missing in HTML contents page and no collapsible navigation in the software contents

My sample project contains 2 chapter folders and 2 sections within each chapter folder. I compiled the project to mobi format, but i am not seeing the sections listed underneath the chapter headings in the HTML contents page that scrivener automatically creates, although the chapter headings do show up. Also, in the fly out contents menu in the app (in the “software contents”) I don’t see the collapsible caret structure for this hierarchical layout of the chapters and sections. I can confirm that the mobi should have this as a feature as scrivener 3 on a friend’s mac does produce this collapsible caret structure in the “software contents” of the kindle desktop app after the project has been compiled to mobi. What do I have to do to fix these problems? Thanks.

Since Compile is apparently not yet fully functional, maybe that’s one of the aspects waiting to be implemented.



Indeed, this is one of those functions available in the Mac version that is not yet implemented into the Windows Beta. It is on our list however. I have updated this post title with the ticket number.