[LH1781] - Page layout / Document View is broken (see images)

SInce the new scrivener update the document view has lost the background colour that used to wrap around the page,

This is what it now looks like

Previously it looked like this:

Changing the colour of the text editor background seems to change not only the editor page background but the background that wrapped around it - (background changed to highlight)

Things i have tried:

  • A clean installation of the new beta.
  • Reopening a new Scrivener project from backups.
  • Loading scrivener project on Mac OS 3
    -reinstalling Previous scrivener beta - (this resolves the issue, but it returns as soon as scrivener is updated to the new version)

P.S - Sorry for so many images - it was the only way i could think of articulating the issue and be clear.

Yes, I agree, it looks rather ugly—can’t wait to get rid of this.

The bug has already been filed: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh1781-beta-17-0-main-editor-text-background-margin-space-background/45550/1

Yes, this has been filed, and I’ve updated the title with the ticket number.


Well, after working for a couple days with this background bug, it feels really weird.

That is, while having lots of options to make the writing environment perfect or nearly perfect for anyone, you have to look at this annoying background issue in front of you every minute that you are writing. Yes, it is not fatally crucial, but what about some immediate partial update of the B17—if it is possible?

I’ve been using “Page View” to hide it. Granted its not ideal, its not terrible either

I am using Inspector for that. )) It didn’t occur to me when B17 arrived that it could be so irritating. )))

P.S. …and Page View is unavailable in Scrivenings Mode.

Indeed this change was by design to match Mac. Mac uses the page color for the side margins. In the next version we will provide an option to adjust the margins color in fixed width editor mode.

tiho_d, thank you very much indeed for the explanation. The funny thing is, I personally just love wide white margins, and always make them even wider when there is a chance. )) And I am almost sure the current version of design appears great on Mac. But in our case (maybe, it could be of use to take it into consideration)—in Scrivenings mode we now have the scrolling bar sort of floating in space, which is by no means beautiful, and, more, we in fact have got two margin areas: one just around the text (we can set width for it in options) and second—farther around, and they both are of the same color. That is why there is some feel of imperfection in process of writing.

Hope you settle the matter most effectively, and sooner than later. All best. )