[LH1814] Preserving Revision colors in compile? How?

Beta 17. I’m compiling Current document to pdf with nothing assigned so it is supposed to preserve how it looks in the document. I have revisions. The revisions show, but everything is turned black, instead of showing the proper revision colors. I have unchecked “remove comments” and “remove annotations” but they recheck, so it doesn’t seem to save. But anyway, I cannot figure out how to preserve the revision colors.

Remove text color is not checked. I’ve tried checking and unchecking. Didn’t help.

Verified here.

Revision colors don’t show in PDF output, but other text colors do (for example, I’ve got text bolded in red as a note to myself, and it came through just fine in red).

At the moment revision colours are implemented using a bespoke syntax that only works in the Scrivener for Windows editor (they may print with Ctrl+P, I don’t know about that). That is why they also do not work when sharing projects with Mac or iOS users. This will be corrected—it should be using normal RTF text colours for full compatibility.

Thanks Amber. I tested the print current document Ctrl+P, using a good pdf print driver, and it also failed to maintain the font color. Glad to know it’s on the list.

There is a partial fix in beta 23. If you paste colored icons into an article, those colors now appear in the proper color - I use green checks for good done, and red flags for possible problems.

However, anything you write explaining the revision, shows in the revision color in the article, but not in the pdf compile.