[LH1815] Still no settings option to turn off snapshot sound?

An option to turn off the snapshot sound is missing in the Options dialog, unless I overlooked it. I would have thought that after all these years, a simple option to disable/change the sound would be added. The sound is too jarring, hence my motivation to disable it. I eventually just renamed the camera_click.wav file in [i]C:\Program Files\Scrivener\resources[/i]. Now the sound is disabled. But, an option in the settings to disable or change the snapshot sound would be great. Thanks. :slight_smile:

On the Mac the option is Preferences (Options in Windows) > Behaviours > Snapshots > Play Shutter Sound when snapshots are taken, so presumably that’s where it will be if it exists in the Windows Beta. If not, presumably it will be added later, though that’s just speculation, of course.

I don’t see an option for the Snapshot under the Behaviors section. Actually, I don’t mind the sound, but it’s too loud. The only way to control its volume is to turn down the windows master volume in the system tray, which is very inconvenient. I’ll have to live with renaming that .wav resource file for now I suppose.

I thought I could add Scrivener to the applications list in the Windows volume mixer and hence turn down its volume exclusively. But, no luck. The mixer’s app list is very buggy, unless it’s not listing Scrivener beta due to its RC status.

OK… Then presumably it will be on the list for a future release as the plan AIUI is to replicate Mac behaviour / features when feasible.

Ok. Thanks.

But, I found the solution to the turn down the volume exclusively for scrivener in the Windows volume mixer.

  1. Open Scrivener RC and make a snapshot to play the sound
  2. Now Scrivener will appear in the volume mixer’s app list (scroll to the right if you don’t see it)
  3. Set the desired volume level.
  4. Now the snapshot sound volume will be permanently lowered. even after restarting Scrivener.

I hope this helps anyone looking for a solution. :slight_smile:

Another way is to do what I did - load the .wav sound into an audio editor eg WavePad (free and easy to use) and deliberately set the playback sound to what’s comfortable to your ear and put it back in the Scrivener folder.

‘Home’ then right click and ‘select all’. Then ’ Volume - Amplify’ and set gain to eg 25%.

Select ‘apply’ then save the .wav file back to it’s folder (within the \Scrivener\Resources folder).

Then again, I’m a geek 8)

Sweet! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Might be better than my explanation.

wav silent.gif

Your awesome! Thanks. :slight_smile:

This has been filed. Thanks.