[LH1828] External links

In Beta 12, Copy documents as external links seems to create a Scrivener link that works within the project, but not across projects, and not with external files.

I would like to be able to link to a given document from an external program or another project.

Is this functionality going to be available in the Scrivener 3 release?

It is shockingly bad and probably still buggy. But, here’s how to do a link to an external document.

Method 1. This one works fine.

Find the file in filemanager and drag it over and drop it into a document. For me, that inserts a link to the file using the name of the file.

Method 2 - Weird wrong bizarro but can be made to work
Highlight your text
Choose add a link
Choose file option
paste in the address from file manager
Type in the file name
Now, reverse all the back slashes and change them to slashes so any \ becomes a /
Now, add a third / in front of the drive letter!
Click ok.

your working link will look like this:

but have the file:// in front of it. This makes the whole link

Hopefully, when they quit laughing they’ll insert a file selector so we can choose a file.

In the meantime, they expect us to type this and remember their way to do the slashes. (Actually, I suspect they mean for us to drag and drop).

steveshank, thanks for your reply, but I don’t think I made my question clear enough - I want the opposite of what your reply provides.

Here’s one of my use cases:
I wrote a program to manage my bibliography. Within that program I can create a list of links to external files that refer to a given book.
I have a Scrivener file called ReadingMatter, with documents containing my notes on various books.
If in ReadingMatter I have a document with notes on a book named Ulysses, I want to be able, in Scrivener, to create a link to that document and copy it to the Windows clipboard. Then, in my bibliography program, I want to add that link to the list of links for the Ulysses bibliographic entry. When I click that link in my bibliography program, I should go to Scrivener (opening the program if necessary) and the focus in the binder should be on the Ulysses entry.

I haven’t used the Mac version of Scrivener, but from reading the documentation for the Mac version of Scrivener 3, I think this functionality is available there.

My question is whether the implementation of this functionality is planned for the initial release of Scrivener 3 for Windows.

My concern is that the implementation on Mac takes advantage of built-in OS functionality, and that implementing it on Windows may involve more work – and so may be postponed until a later upgrade. That would be understandable, But I’d like to know, if possible, what the roadmap is, so I can plan work-arounds in my own code.

I hope that’s clear.


This has been filed. Thanks.