[LH1872] Windows version 3: Make sound when session or project target reached

I only see a thin blue progress bar in the title tab for the project and session word count and it does not make a sound when either targets are reached. It would be really useful to have a sound play when this happens as we are not going to constantly look at the progress bar to see where it is. This is such a vital feature that it makes no sense to me why the developers did not include this. I’m using the latest beta 14 release and I don’t see this feature. Please include it in the next beta release. Thanks.

I think the idea here is to tap into system notifications. If you open the Project Targets window (Alt-click on the Quick Search tool in the toolbar) and go into Options…, you’ll see a “Show target notifications” setting. Likewise individual document targets would be able to optionally show system notifications.

In my simple testing, it looks like the latter is working, whereas is the global draft and session notifications are not. It seems I’m not alone.

Notifications not working when set is indeed a bug and has been filed. Thanks.

Either option (document or project targets) does not make a system sound. I have the system sound turned on. Also, I see that after I click on “show notification” for the document target, I see a black rectangle popup in the upper right corner of the screen with the notification. However this does not happen with the project targets options after clicking the “show notifications” check box in that dialog window.

Will this be fixed before you officially release Scrivener 3 for windows? Thanks!