[LH1877] How to sort in outline mode

In the Interactive tutorial it says,

I’ve got some stuff with dates and would really like it sorted by date. I made a collection, then went into outline mode but clicking on the date header didn’t do anything.

I selected some, still it did nothing but perhaps we have a different definition of “selections”. Also, I’m not sure what multiple selections means, since selections is plural.

I understand that the outline mode doesn’t do a normal sort yet, but I’m not sure whether this is a beta bug or I’m just not understanding how to make it do what it will actually do.

Could someone describe the steps needed to make something in outline mode sort?

Export to CSV and sort it in Excel?

Yes, that’s an option. It’s just that it seemed to me that they were going to make a column (outline) format work in a normal way and the manual stated that. Then they said, essentially, that currently it was only half working with selections and collections but not the main normal windows. But it didn’t work when I tried it.

I was rather hoping that it wasn’t their mistake, but some special meaning for “multiple selections” or “collections” that was different from what I was doing.

Yes there are a few issues yet with sorting the outliner, including that custom-metadata cannot yet be sorted. This has been filed and I have updated this post with the ticket number.