[LH1902] Strange pop-up messagebox appearing on some files that have linked footnotes

I have files in my project that have linked footnotes. When I hover my mouse over a link it pops up a little message that shows the content of the footnote, as it should. I discovered today that in some files that have footnotes, when the cursor moves over a different area of the file’s text where there is no link, it pops up a message box that has the same yellow background and black text. The contents of this spurious message box are:

scrivmt://…. (long hex number here)

Here’s a screenshot of the message:

Scrivener screen shot popup message.jpg

The hex number is different in each file.

I’ve tried closing and reopening the project, and I’ve rebooted, but the problem persists.

It does not happen in all files that have footnote links, just some, though I can’t find any pattern to which files it happens in. I have not found anyplace it happens in files that don’t have footnote links.

It happens when I view just the single file as well as in Scrivenings mode.

It happens in Default theme as well as a modified Ocean theme I’m using. I haven’t tested other themes.

This has been filed. Thanks!