[LH2067] Problem with 'Related Words' tool

Hi, today is the first time I discovered the ‘Related Words’ tool in the right-click dropdown menu, so I decided to experiment with it. The list is helpful, but when I select a word, check the list of related words, and select one to replace it, rather than erasing the existing word and replacing it with the new one, it places the new word in the middle of the old one. Example: After noticing this once, I typed the word “test” and selected the word “experiment”, resulting in the editor combining both to make “texperimentest”. I restarted Scrivener and tested for the bug again by typing “slander” and trying to replace it with “defamation”, and that resulted in “sldefamationander”.

UPDATE: I just tested this in the previous version of Scrivener (the equivalent of Scrivener 2, but I’m on Windows) and it has the exact same bug as the Scrivener 3 beta.

I tried reproducing this and found with a few tries that if I highlight the word I get the results you specify and should not. However, if I don’t highlight the word, but simply place the cursor in the word, it functions properly.

I also tested this with Scrivener Windows 1.9.9, and got the same results: proper replacement if the original word is not highlighted; if it is highlighted, insertion of the replacement word within the original.

A regrettable bug. But a person with time on their hands could develop some interesting new combined vocabulary.

Thanks. This has been filed.