[LH2078] Transformations-->Convert Smart Quotes to Straight Quotes doesn't.

I have a 92,000+ novel manuscript that someone has a mix of straight and smart quotes. I need the quotes to be straight for compiling to Markdown and running the file through Pandoc. I’ve tried multiple ways of using the Edit–>Transformations conversion menu item to perform this conversion, including selecting all the text in a single text file and not selecting all text, and nothing at all happens. Smart quotes remain smart, straight quotes remain straight.

I have the smart quotes turned off in “Substitutions” in the options dialogs.

I’ve also tried an end-run around this and attempted to do a project replace to replace quotes with quotes, but it just sits there and does nothing at all when I click OK.

This is Beta 14 running Windows 10.

Confirming the bug: If a mix of quote styles is in a document, Transformation → quotes to… does not function IF the first quote in the document is what you’re converting to.

Worse… Say I have document with that mix. Straight quotes first, smart quotes second.
I convert straight to smart. Then I convert smart to straight. Only the quotes that were converted from straight to smart are converted back to straight.

That’s a bug, and here’s a workaround:

Project replace a standard quote with another mark or set of marks you don’t use in the document, like maybe @@. Then, with whatever quote style you want turned on (straight, I’d guess), project replace the @@ with a standard quote.

That should work universally. I just checked that it does work in a test project (which is where you should test it first, with a couple of copies of the documents at issue).

The problem with the smart quotes conversion might be due to a mismatch between the ones you actually use and the ones configured in Scrivener. Please, have a look at File > Options > Corrections > Substitutions > “Use smart quotes…”. Let me know, if this is still causing you problems afterwards.

Thanks. This has been filed.

I put all the quotes in that test project with Scrivener.

It will not work with all test smart quotes, but only with the one specified in the options.

Those are exactly the ones I used. Check the box. Use quotes. Uncheck the box. Use quotes. Mix of quote styles results.

Transform would change either quote style to the other, if it was first in the file.

However, after a reinstall for other reasons, I can’t reproduce the bug.

I’ll be able to try this is a day or two. Thanks!

The setting is definitely unchecked…so I’m NOT using Smart Quotes, and I confirmed by entering a quote in the text: it appeared as a straight quote. The Transform menu item doesn’t work.

This workaround worked perfectly. I should have thought of it myself, I’ve done things like it in Word and other editing software plenty of times.

I’ll be installing the beta under Wine on Linux this weekend, I’ll see how a fresh install works there.