[LH211|LH1701] File in Binder "Move to" UI issue

I wanted to move a file in my binder from one location to another. The file is in “Research” in a folder of Character arcs. Within that folder are 100 files or so (for example, 10 characters, each with 10 separate text files, one for each event). If I right-click and chose “move to” from the drop down menu and try to navigate to a place further down the line the screen is filled up with file names but if I try scrolling past the last one, the screen will not scroll with me past the end so I cannot see where I’m moving the file to.

I’m able to select the file in the binder and ctrl+down arrow to move it to the right place, but again, when I reach the bottom of the binder list that shows on screen it does not scroll.

Don’t know if this makes sense and if it does it it’s a bug or by design.
Admittedly, I’m working on an unusual project (serialized multi-volume novel) but I’d like to get this working.



Thanks! This has been filed.