[LH2286] - Bullet list style indentation

If I create a bullet list style, but then try to apply it to an existing bullet list that has further indented sub-points ( bullets ), those further indented sub-points do not stay indented, and if I try to use the key to re-indent them, it actually moves the bullet further to the left instead of further to the right. The behaviour I would be expecting, would be for it to pickup the default leftmost indentation, and ADD a tab position to the right of that when I hit tab, not moving it to the extreme left as it is currently doing.

I’ve been having the same problem too. I was playing around with the different formats/styles to see if it did anything, and I discovered that the list styles “1. 1.1 1.2 2. 2.1” and “1. 1a. 1b.” aren’t working at all. No matter what I do I can’t get either of them to appear on the screen, and it’s like I choose no formatting.

I haven’t seen that issue yet, because I haven’t tried using that list style, but I am not getting any joy out of trying to have promoted and demoted sub-lists in the bullet point list style, it’s just not working at all no matter what I try, it simply won’t properly indent a sub-list of bullet points.

Also going to second the fact that bullet indentation simply doesn’t work for me at all. I had a 2 project that had a lot of formatting like this:

  • Some words
    []Some other words

and you would get the indented bullet by pressing Tab. Unfortunately, none of that seems to work at all in 3; hitting tab just indents the text, not the bullet, and hitting tab on an existing one from my 2 project slams the bullet all the way to the left. It doesn’t turn the bullet white, either.

I got it to sort of make sublists by tabbing and backspacing, but it’s in the same bullet point style it’s not even fully tabbed, it just aligns with the end of the previous bullet. It looks like this: https://ibb.co/b8VrLA (Excuse the ungrammatical mess, my process is weird.) imo it’s probably just a bug with the alignment.

Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying in that respect … plus the other stuff I mentioned

Thanks for that, but I have just gone back to using the old version, since the new Beta is a bit of a pain in this regard, as my documents are chock-a-block full of such indented lists, so it’s just not worth the effort with the new Beta until they sort this out.

Hi GalacticPresident. Can you please clarify what it was you were trying to do here? Were you creating a kuser defined Style from the “Styles” menu and then applying that to a list, or were you trying to apply one type of list to an existing list of another type (bullet onto numbered, etc.)?

We are aware of many issues with lists as they currently are, but I’d like to figure out specifically what issue you are having so that we can see if it’s being caused by one of the other issues we know about or not.

Thanks for your help with this.

I have no idea what a " kuser defined Style" is … the point isn’t really about styles, it’s about the indentation … forget I mentioned styles, and just read the parts about indentation.

This is part of the several known issues about lists.

For example, in my most recent test document (created with Beta 12, a couple of days ago), I select text, choose bulleted list from the formatting toolbar, and it provides leftmost bullets for all lines.
Select a line. Tab. Okay, it tabs the bullet.
Select another line. Tab. Bullet indents. Tab. Text indents from the bullet point. Unexpected.

In another test document (created with some Beta prior, I think 2906 or 2908, not sure), I select text and bulletize it, and it creates the bullets…
Select a line. Tab. Tabs the bullet, but tabs the text a little bit more (separating the bullet from the text).
Tab again. It tabs the bullet a little, but tabs the text more.

I’m willing to post the projects that do this (they’re just test nonsense text) on Google Drive if need be. Let me know, L&L.

And this is with the SAME BETA (12). It treats a document created with a different Beta differently. Honestly, the last doc mentioned is better behaved than the first doc mentioned, but neither of them are correct.

So, right now, rather than use Scrivener’s lists (which are badly broken and unpredictable), I either tag them using a MultiMarkdown style of list, or I tag them with numbers and asterisks and a LABEL (like [FIX THIS LIST] in 36-point red type). I’ll solve them later, perhaps when this part of the Beta is fixed.

Sorry for the typo! “user defined style” not “kuser”…

This issue is a known bug and has been filed. I just wanted to make sure it was the bug we knew about and not a further problem with Styles. Thank you for clarifying.

Yes, now that you mention it, I remember seeing this one too … and I think the bullets / list / indentation implementation
needs some serious work, because as you say, I might as well not use it.

Thanks, that makes more sense : -)

This bullet stuff is quite frustrating, but rather than be frustrated I just reminded myself that this is a beta program – it was my choice to sign up for a beta program. Developing features over time is the whole point of beta programs :smiley:

This thread was really helpful. Saves me the time/trouble of thinking I’m missing something or doing something wrong… I’ll just find a placeholder solution for now.


This is still an issue in the latest beta, v. Just wanted to bump this.

FYI, when the topic has a bug-tracking number (as this one does, the [LH2286]), that means that the bug is being tracked by the developers. You can read the list of fixed bugs in each new version’s release notes. If the number is not present, the bug has not been addressed and they are still tracking it. It hasn’t been forgotten!

Hello Everybody.

Has anyone found a solution for the BUG around the Style + Indentation + Bullets.

I am in the process of writing a non-fiction with MANY of those and would so much appreciate to know more about how do do it.

Has any of the users, or the Scrivener teams members found a solution?

Many thanks.

The solution is to wait. This part of the Beta isn’t working right. The programmers know about it, but it hasn’t reached the we’ve got it fixed level yet. I eagerly await each new beta because this is the only thing that really affects me now.

Thank you!