[LH2286] Bullet, Numbering and Outline format does not work

The List dropdown does not work at all, except for the first bullet point in the list. Succeeding lined do not indent or change to other bullet symbols to denote any kind of subordination. The numbers, letters and other formats don’t function at all.

If I skip a few blank lines and begin a new list, the new bullet is larger than the one used previously.

This breaks all the usibility of the list function and it has made it useless.

Lists are currently pretty broken. They are better than they were (which says something about how bad they were in

I simply don’t use them at this point in time. If I need a list, I add my own numbering, my own formatting, my own bullets. I’m hoping this will be fixed by the next Beta release (February), at least to the point of usability.

The issue I have with that is that I like to indent sub-items in a list, and when I hit enter, the new line goes back out all the way to the leftmost tab stop. New lined do not inherit indentation, so even that is broken.

It gets tiring to manually re-indent multiple levels on every line, and at varying amounts for every single line after a main point.

Thank you for your concerns. We are aware of a number of problems with lists at the moment. This has been filed and we will work to get it fixed.