[LH2286] Intend an item in bulleted list.

I can out dent an item in a billeted list with Tab. But I can’t figure out how to indent (increase indent level of) a bullet. How do I do that? I am on the latest beta for Windows (Version: Beta (273516) 64-bit - 01 Aug 2018).


Known bug, I think. Lists are currently not working correctly.

Tab should be indenting items, not outdenting them (what you see in the editor when you create a bulleted list is an indent to 0" from margin, I think). If you tab again, it should indent again. Shift-tab should outdent. However, once you’ve done the second tab, that’s it; the bullets will not shift over any more. The text will.

Thanks for the post! rwfranz is correct - currently lists are not working at all as they should. This has been filed.