[LH2286] : Multilevel List format not working

Using windows 10 pro Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 and the 64 bit windows beta

Selecting a multilevel list format option (1, 1.a, 1.b, etc.) has no effect at all. When a single level numbering option, either number or letter, is selected, it works OK, but if I tab, I get an indent and the character at the beginning of the line changes to a small dot. So far, so good. Entering text and return gives me a new line, still indented with a beginning dot. Good. But there is no way to get back to numbering. Shift tab moves the dot and text start point to the left, and tabbing again will move them to the right, but there is no way to get back to numbers or letters. I did find that if I want to add indented bullets under “B.”, I can add a new line “C.”, then go back to the B line, then hit return and tab to get a leading small dot and indented text. Adding new lines after the C line will continue with the lettering, and if lines are deleted, re-lettering is automatic.

The default large dot, the empty large dot, and the square work differently, and perhaps as they should. Tabbing gives an indent, and the leading symbol remains the same and in the same position at the left margin. The indent persists on new lines (as long as text is entered on a line) until a shift-tab backs off the indent or another tab moves the text further to the right. Basically, any indent level is maintained, along with the selected leading symbol, until it is changed. The symbol position is always at the left margin.

Thanks! This has been filed.

I posted this as a bug last month. Definitely needs attention. It works intermittently. :unamused: