[LH2286] Outline Not Promoting Properly

My apologies if already posted, but I searched and did not see it.

When using an Outline in the main document window, the following errors occur:

  1. The structure does not promote properly. Start a I, II, III outline, and the current line correctly shows I. Press enter at end of line, and the new line correctly shows II. But tab to promote, and the II. turns into just a period.

  2. After creating a promoted level, returning to the main level appears to reset the left margin, so the new III. in the example above does not line up with the I and II.

This is in 2.9.04 Beta
On a file converted from 1.9.x

I can recreate this in a new project using Format > List or the list button on formatting toolbar.

In a new project extra issues occur. No matter what list formatting is used it gets cut off on left hand side with just a dot being seen. For 1. 1.1 1.2 etc lists formatting does not show at all.

I attched a screenshot to show what I am getting.

Scrivener Bullets.jpg

Thanks. These have been filed.