[LH2386] Active Item in Binder Not Apparent - Use Full Width in Border

It is difficult to tell what the current selection I have in the binder when “Use Full Width in Binder” is checked.

Setup “Appearance” for binder: I have everything checked in “View”->“Use Label Color In”. One remedy could be to draw a border around the current item in the color and thickness the user selects.(“background color selection”, “text color selection”, “Active border thickness” 0-10)

Also, “Use Full Width in Binder” set to off removes All the colors. Instead, the label color should display as it did in the previous version, covering all the text up to the right edge. Gone is the option for rounded corners, or so it seems.

It’s pretty obvious to me. Any darker will be distracting. Clipboard Image (1).png

If a darker color is needed - it should be an option, not a hard-coded implementation.

You’ve demonstrated a perfect example of how individual setup can effect what you see. My set up is different, so the experience is totally different. In your case, you don’t need any changes. This is why Scrivener is so loved - we can each have it our way.

Thanks, we have some notes to look into this. The selection colour is currently blending with the label colour and should not be, which is making it much more difficult to see.

When “Use Full Width in Binder” is deselected, the label colour should be appearing as a dot to the right of the label title. (Krastev’s screenshot has the label colour set to be used in icons, which can be used in conjunction with displaying the colour in the binder.)