[LH2402] A question to split editor

only a little thing for the new Beta!
that’s it:
In the last beta, I can split the editor-window – only vertical – for split horizontal, Must click Alt + Klick. It is ok, But not so comfortable like in the good old version.
I have no found any pre-settings for this.
This little feature would be helpfull for a litte comforts – like scrivener promises.
I whish many success for your great software!!!

By the way: I don’t like the pale, pure flat design. I mean, It does not help to improve clarity. Please think about it, too.

The Alt-click behaviour isn’t working quite right at the moment, in that it is always reverting back to a horizontal split as the default. The intended behaviour is that the last-used split type be remembered and so become the new default on-click behaviour, with the Alt modifier acting then to perform the alternative split. Once we get that implemented, it should provide that extra convenience you’e looking for. :slight_smile:

I understand. Thank youf for the info.