[LH2402/UI suggestion] Need separate/explicit Vertical Split button in Editor header bar?

The use of Alt key to temporarily change split button from horizontal to vertical split is not obvious until one wonders where the vertical split button went and happens to hover over the horizontal split button. Seems non-intuitive and frustrating, even after learning this. Have both horizontal and vertical split buttons or have horizontal/vertical button stay in whichever state last toggled to and used? Personally, I do far more vertical splitting, for side-by-side work, than horizontal splitting.

Scrivener beta (19429) 20 Nov 2017
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 10.0.15063

P.S. I see that Scrivener 3 for Mac OS X uses this single split button (horizontal split by default, Alt click for vertical split), so disregard this. Though I prefer two buttons.

It should remember the last split type used and leave it on that, rather than always returning to horizontal, so that part at least is a bug; with that fixed, you may find it more convenient to use!

Oh, it’s so good to hear that. Having to use the alt every time I wanted to split the editor, is the one thing, that drives me crazy in the beta.

I’m so happy you gonna fix it. Thank you.