[LH2412] Display Bug? Scrolling Down Synopsis When Binder Item Is Selected Messes With Text

Hi! I didn’t see a topic for this one already, so I’m not sure if this one has been reported by someone else. If a thread already exists for this, please disregard this.

Anyway, I noticed a minor little display bug that I thought might be worth reporting. I noticed it while fixing an error on the synopsis for one of my text documents from the editor.

I selected the text document in the binder, but then moved my cursor to the synopsis to check it for further errors and found that scrolling there caused a sort of display bug where the text looks like its duplicating/messing up the text.

It gets worse the more I scroll up and down.

It rights itself, however, when I click into the synopsis text, so this isn’t really anything damaging or scary, just… interesting. Hopefully the images will help this make sense… again, just a minor bug, but a bug nonetheless.

I run Windows 10, 64-bit, and have the newest demo version (Version installed on a flash drive.

Thanks! This has been filed.