[LH2417] BUG - Text from tutorial disappears when switching between document and project bookmarks in inspector

I have just downloaded the beta for windows x64 ( Version: Beta (90712) 64-bit - 30 Jan 2018 )

  • Started a new project
  • Opened the tutorial
  • Followed the steps described early in the tutorial to open the Collections
  • In collections I was reading the bit about bookmarks

In the inspector tab I was reading about document vs. project bookmarks, and how to switch between them by clicking the tab where it says “document bookmarks” to select the other option for “project bookmarks”

So in the main editor pane, the Binder was open to Draft > The Basics > Get Oriented > Main Interface > The Inspector > Bookmarks … and when I then select Project Bookmarks in the inspector, a bunch of text disappears from that main editor page about bookmarks ( see images below ):

In order to get the missing text to reappear, I have to select something else in the binder, and then return to that page about bookmarks – switching from project bookmarks back to document bookmarks in the inspector does not achieve the same effect.

Thanks. This has been filed.