[LH2417] Split screen contents disappear

This is a follow-up for MM about [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/2-9-0-2-x64-split-screen-focus/39200/1].
x64 version of 2902

  1. In the tutorial file, start with document “Scrivenings”
  2. Split the window so you have two windows of “Scrivenings”
  3. Change focus to the top window. See AfterStep3.png.
  4. Click “The Outliner” document to open it in the top window. See AfterStep4.png.
  5. Notice that some of the content in the bottom window–Scrivenings --disappears. But not all of it.

Got a “me too” for this. Using the previous-next arrows will return the contents, but sometimes cause the other split window to go wonky. Closing and restarting the project clears it up for a few minutes, then back to the same behavior.

Windows 7 Pro
Scrivener 64-bit

postiffm - Thanks for clarifying. This is a known display issue we’re working on–loading or adjusting text in one editor can cause text to temporarily disappear in another editor. You should be able to fix it by simply resizing the editor.