[LH2451] Search box... thing

The new search box is just oddly designed. I hate it. Sorry.

First, why does it show the document title? We already have the document title displayed below the text options. Why does it change on mouse hover. From my tests, it seems that it displays total project word count, but that is never explained by the UI anywhere.

Also the second word count after the pipe ( | ) never updates [BUG]. I presume it’s a bug anyway, since it probably should show the current selection word count?

The count after the pipe is the session word count; it is not consistently updating properly, and that is a bug that’s been filed. As to the rest, the Quick Search is a new feature (not a replacement for the project search, which is still available; you can get there easily via the magnifying glass in the default main toolbar icon set) which offers a lot of functionality packed in a small place, It is still in development in this beta, but this blog post will give you an idea of what it offers.

Of course, it may not be for you, and that’s fine; you don’t have to use it if you don’t care for it, and you can remove it from the toolbar via View > Customize Toolbars. But you may find that once you understand its features better (and as it is completed through the betas), this becomes a handy little tool. :slight_smile:

Hello, yes I did actually figure out it was supposed to be a quick search some time later. I can see how it would be useful.

I still don’t see a reason to show the project title on it, in any case…

Maybe we could get the ability to customize it further in the future (such as choosing a default mode, e.g. always a quick search only box or always showing the word counts)

I like all the work put into Scrivener 3 though, good job! I’m not a power user but the new interface is pretty and I like how the editor is set up.