[LH2453] Quick Search feature

Version: Beta (743042)
Quick Search feature seems to be working almost flawlessly now.
Ctrl+Shift +G shifts focus to the Quick Search field and replaces the title and coloured progress bars with an input field.
However, please note the following potential improvements:
The Loupe icon to the right of the field doesn’t “do” anything. While the results auto-update, you don’t need to click it or even press Return. However if you do not clear the field (by clicking the X on the left of the field or pressing the Esc key once), the search string remains in the search field. If you want to subsequently refresh the search with the search string that is still in the field, you would naturally click the Loupe icon. So, please make clicking the Loupe icon refresh the search list.
Also, it wasn’t immediately clear how to clear the search field AND revert to the document title and coloured progress bars. (You have to press the Esc key twice!) Why not make it so that after you clear the search string by clicking the X icon, the X icon stays in place until you start typing a search string. So you can click the X icon once to clear the search string and twice to revert to the chapter title.

These have been filed. Thanks.