[LH2534] Has anyone gotten styles to transfer to Word yet?

I keep checking with every new beta release, but I can’t tell if styles are implemented yet or not. I am assuming the feature is not yet there, as I have never been able to get it to work.

Specifically what I am looking for is that when I open up the compiled document in word and then click on a heading, the text will be tagged with the style. For example, when I click on a top level heading in Word, I want it to have the style Heading 1.

Right now, the appearance of the styles transfer over correctly, but not the tag. For example, if I configure Heading 1 to be blue in the Scrivener compile settings, it shows up as blue in Word. However, the style will just be set to Normal instead of Heading 1.

Can’t test this as I’m not on Windows at the moment, but one way to do this on the Mac is… (assuming that the Beta has caught up with this).

Bring up the Style Panel, then in the Editor highlight one example of the style you want to convert. In the Style Panel, click on the Gear symbol at the bottom and choose Select Similar Formatting. This will pick up all the occurrence of Word’s old style.

Next, right click on Heading 1 (or whatever) in the Style Panel and choose Redefine Style from Selection and answer the questions in the dialogue box (be sure to choose Save Paragraph style in the Formatting drop down box), then press enter.
That’s it: you’ve converted Word’s old Heading 1 format to Scrivener Heading 1.

It takes about 10 secs per style - much quicker than describing it. Hope that helps.

Can confirm—this seems to be extremely important feature that is still missed. Characteristically, the way to solve the problem proposed above seems to be not about the problem at all. The problem is not about appearance of compiled and exported text (which appears more or less like expected), but about preserving the text’s structure, set in Scrivener— the thing the styles correctly used are all about. It is expected that a „my_quote“ and „my_emph“ styles will be „my_quote“ and „my_emph“ ones in Word or Libre Office. That is, not just Normal style formatted in line with the Scrivener’s instructions.

Not sure all agree that it is so important, but am sure it by all means is.

This has been filed. Thanks!