[LH2534] Is there any way to export style information to docx format?

I just downloaded the Windows beta. I’m trying to export to docx, and the styling of the styles is being applied, but the actual style is not being applied. For example, Heading 1 is the correct font, it’s bold, and has the correct color. However, when I click on the heading in word, the style that is selected is just “Normal” rather than “Heading 1.”

Is there any way to get the styles to be applied in Word as well, so I don’t have to go in and manually re-tag everything as the correct style?

Can I confirm that this is a real problem with the beta.
The formats are exported correctly, but all assigned to the “Normal” style in Word Office 365.
The File Export command does the same.
It makes the Word document impossible to re-format for printing if you have used different styles in Scrivener (says fool who has used different styles to differentiate body text, quotations from published sources, and quotations from letters).
Any ideas for a work-around please?

Thanks. This has been filed.