[LH2537] CTRL+B and CTRL+U not working in Editor for Bold and Underline

CTRL+C and CTRL+V work to cut and paste, but using the CTRL keys for Bold and Underline do not in the Editor. And the same issue occurs in Document Notes.

stops working in the editor after document notes.

My experience: I was able to bold and underline in the editor using the key commands until I tried to do it in the document notes. It didn’t work there, and then I was no longer able to use them in the editor either. Tried closing and reopening the beta but whatever happened is now stuck.

Edit: just converted one of my Scrivener1 projects to 3 and the editor could use the key commands for bold and underline successfully until I tried it in the document notes, so I think it may be something associated with the project’s settings.

Thanks! This has already been filed; some of the Ctrl+ shortcuts are not working when Notes are visible in the inspector.