[LH2537] Format Shortcuts not working in editor

I encountered a major problem that I dealt directly with Lee on (as I could not source or explain the problem exactly on the Forum), Lee sent me a copy of 2903 64-bit pre-release to fix the problem which was great.

However, today when I went to strike-through some text, using the formatting shortcut, I noticed it di not work. Neither did Bold, Underline, Italics. My other shortcuts all work still and when I selected the icon to do the action on the Format Toolbar, it behaved properly, but trying to do the same with the formatting shortcuts in the editor did not work (nor do they in Notes)

Not sure if this existed in 2902, but probably not or I probably would have noticed it sooner.

There’s a standing bug whereby some Ctrl+ shortcuts do not work when the inspector is open displaying the Notes. If you close the inspector or switch to another tab, does it fix the problem?

Jennifer, you are correct. If Notes is not open (for example, I am on Custom Metadata tab in the Inspector, then the shortcuts work in the Editor.

OK, then we do have this filed. Workaround meantime is to use the menu/button for the formatting rather than the shortcut (or close/switch the inspector if you’re working in the main editor and not the notes itself).